The charm of the royal emerald

Emeralds are taking centre stage in the world of high-end fashion jewellery. It is often associated with elegance and charm, making it fit for royalty. Some of the world’s finest fashion magazines have debated if the precious gemstone emerald is giving competition to diamonds to hog the limelight.

Emeralds are being used as the centre piece in many jewellery designs, as the quest for something new and fresh continues among trend setters. Emeralds are not flawless like diamonds, they have inherent flaws that are sometimes hidden by processing the stone.

The beautiful green stone is graded using the same parameters that are used for all other coloured gemstones and even diamonds. The four Cs that is colour, clarity, cut and carat define the worth of the stone. But clarity is not the most important criterion for judging the worth of a stone. Experts judge an emerald under the naked eye. An emerald has lush green colour along with some level of transparency to make it a special stone. Some of the world’s finest emeralds come from Colombia. But African country of Zambia is also pretty famous for its deep green emeralds that have only small flaws. Other than this there are emerald deposits in places like Brazil, China, Afghanistan, Russia, Mozambique, South African, and the U.S.

The KGK group’s mining arm has investments in South America and Africa to keep check on the quality of the raw material. Other than its own mines the KGK Group sources from Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, Tanzania, Colombia, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Zambia.

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