Why Us

The Diamond and Color Gemstone Training Institute offers well-structured and relevant courses in the gemstone and diamond space. The courses are designed to meet industry requirements and students qualifying from DCGTI are efficient enough to be absorbed within the group or can become a successful entrepreneur.

The faculty and infrastructure at the institute are highly experienced and students get the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. DCGTI courses pertaining to identification and grading of gemstones and diamonds are among the most popular and well recognised in the industry.

It is the most coveted institute in the field of diamonds and gemstones in India. With its state-of-art campus and equipment DCGTI is amongst the best courses in this field.

The institute is backed by the KGK Group, which has years of global expertise in the field. The institute gains a lot from KGK’s knowledge of the global trade and helps design courses to meet the industry’s needs for decades to come.