Paraiba tourmaline, the perfect fit for contemporary jewellery

Tourmalines are found in a number of colours, shapes and sizes. The Paraiba tourmaline has an enchanting feel and looks almost like a crystal ball. Its luminescent glow makes people look at it with awe. The stone has a soft inner glow and this incandescent glow of the Paraiba sets it apart from the rest. The colour range of the stone goes from turquoise to blue-green, which makes it a great choice for contemporary jewellery pieces.

The stone can be teamed with a traditional outfit as well as with modern attire. When set with diamonds on a platinum base, the grace and elegance of the piece is unmatched by any other jewellery.

The stone was first discovered back in 1980s and it is mined out of the famous mines of Brazil in Paraiba. It gets its beautiful colour from traces of copper, which give it the gorgeous colour. Mines in Brazil have almost all shades of tourmalines including the Paraiba tourmaline. The KGK Group sources the best Paraiba tourmaline and has a wide collection of jewellery for its customers across the globe. The group has a presence in all strategic markets and can deliver orders of all sizes.

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